A New Financial Perspective for a New Year


100 bill front-001

Because we work in the world of finance, we are constantly dealing with money and numbers. But we know that the work that we do is much more than that. We don’t just deal with account balances and market values. There are real people behind the account numbers in our system. And the accounts that we manage are much more than dollars and cents: they are an accumulation of years of hard work and planning; a meaningful gift that will bless others for years to come; a financial means to accomplish goals and make dreams a reality.

It comes down to perspective. We work hard not just because it’s our job but because we know there are people depending on us to help them achieve their goals. So we don’t just see money and numbers. We see families and ministries. We see opportunities to fulfill needs. And because we see these things, we understand the value in investing. We know the importance of saving for retirement. We see the effect of gift giving. We recognize the need for estate planning.

We want all of you to do the same if you don’t already. So, in 2017, we challenge all of you to have a similar perspective on your money. Don’t just look at it in terms of dollars and cents. Instead, see it as a valuable tool that can help you achieve goals for you, your family, and the causes you believe in.

We’re not just waxing poetic. We know that for every penny that is entrusted in our care, there is a plan, a goal, and a hope attached to it. Whatever those plans, goals, and hopes may be, we know that our clients don’t just see dollars and cents when they discuss their finances with us, and neither do we. We may be in the world of finance, but we are in the business of serving people and helping them realize their hopes and dreams.

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