For many, Thanksgiving is time off work, time off school. Time to eat. Time to watch football. Time to shop.

Hopefully, it’s also a time for thanks giving.

Giving thanks doesn’t have to be done publicly: just because your family doesn’t provide a moment during the holiday to share what you are all thankful for doesn’t mean there are no opportunities to express gratitude on Thanksgiving.

If you want to thank specific people, you can write them a note, send them a text or email, or pull them aside and share that with them privately. And while I’m sure everyone would love to hear that someone is thankful for them, you don’t even have to do that: just take a few quiet moments and think about all the people you are thankful for. Realizing that you have so many people in your life to be grateful for can be just as important as expressing that gratitude to others.

So this holiday season, we hope that all of you embrace a grateful heart -an attitude of gratitude if you will. And we hope that gratitude extends well beyond the holidays; that even when things are tough in February or if you’re having a miserable day in July, you are still able to remember all the people and things you have to be thankful for.

Having an attitude of gratitude may even affect your finances. It may increase the amount of time you spend with people and decrease the amount of time you spend with things. And when you learn to fully appreciate all the things you have, you may be less quick to run out to replace them.

So enjoy the time off work and school this Thanksgiving. Eat and be merry; watch football and shop. But we hope you also take a moment to give thanks, acknowledge all that you are grateful for, and develop an attitude of gratitude that lasts beyond this holiday season.

As always, we at Covenant Trust Company are thankful for our readers and our clients; our leaders and our employees; our church and our God.

Blessings to all of you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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