CTC tips: invest!

CTC - Let your money work hard for you

Saving is necessary for any budget or financial plan. However, it’s important to invest, too. Expensive financial goals such as buying a home, paying for college, and preparing for retirement can be difficult to reach without investing – and in some situations, they might not be possible at all.

Of course, investing can be scary; there’s always some sort of risk involved. However, long-term investments that reflect your risk tolerance and goals can overcome the fluctuating market in the short-term and increase your net worth over the long run.

Without investing, the money you save will likely lose value due to inflation. And if your income is too low, it can take you much longer to reach your financial goals than if you were to invest.

A good way to start investing is to participate in your employer’s retirement plan or to open an IRA. These investment vehicles usually have small to no account minimums to start, so you don’t need a lot of money upfront. They are specifically for retirement planning but since investing for retirement is a necessity for most, it’s a good place to begin.

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