Is your retirement savings on track?

retirement savings on track

Retirement planning tips from Money Crashers. Click on the image for the full infographic.

Have you set a goal for your retirement savings? Do you have a plan to reach that goal? If not, this infographic from Money Crashers can help you form a retirement plan of your own. Their infographic, “Will You Be Ready For Retirement?” has a general guideline for your savings, as well as plenty of information on 401(k)s, Traditional IRAs, and ROTH IRAs*.

Everybody’s road to retirement will be different: each person will have different needs and different goals during retirement, not to mention different circumstances on the way there. However, one thing everyone should have is a plan to get there.

If you need help forming a retirement plan that’s right for you, let us know! We’d love to help. You can leave comments and questions below, or contact us directly.

*Consult your retirement plan provider to confirm the latest contribution limits and other info on IRAs and 401(k)s.

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