CTC tips — create a will

Legal-Will and Glasses

Do you have a will? You might not think you need one, but a will can make sure your assets continue to support your family, friends, and even your favorite charities after you pass.

A will gives you the power to decide:

  • Who will distribute your assets and personal property.
  • Who will receive assets from your estate and under what terms.
  • Who will raise and care for your children.
  • Who will provide for an elderly parent, a disabled adult child, and/or ministries you love.


If you die without a will, a probate court makes all of these decisions for you.  Every state has its own rules and preset formulas for determining who makes decisions about your family and your assets. Total strangers may end up handling your estate.  Charities you loved and supported  during your lifetime are guaranteed to receive nothing.

Your will, and the choices you designate in it, give your executor the direction to distribute your assets as you wish.

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