Calculating Debt

Getting out of debt: snowball vs. avalanche

Want to get out of debt? If you have some extra money to put towards your debt every month, the debt snowball and debt avalanche repayment methods have proven to be popular and effective. We’ve written about these before, but Forbes has a nice video that summarizes the two methods for all of you visual learners out there.

inflation infographic

Inflation risk

Twenty cents for a gallon of milk; 10 cents for a loaf of bread. A new house for $10,000. A new car for $2,000. These prices may seem like a pipe dream but this was the reality in the 1940s. Prices are much higher today because of inflation – the rate the prices of goods…


GOBankingRate’s 10 best savings accounts for 2015

GOBankingRate recently reviewed over 120 financial institutions to create a top-ten list of the best savings accounts for 2015. The banks on the list are ranked according to their minimum deposit to open, minimum deposit to avoid a fee, monthly service fees, and the annual percentage yield (APY). GE Capital Bank Online Savings and MySavingsDirect MySavings Account…


SMART New Year’s resolutions

Are you considering a financial new year’s resolution for 2015? According to Statistic Brain, 34% of New Year’s resolutions are money-related. For 2014, saving more money and spending less was the third most popular resolution. Unfortunately, only eight percent of the people surveyed were successful with their resolution (financial or otherwise). While there are many…